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Candy & Jeremy are a husband-and-wife acoustic duo based out of Nashville, TN, whose roots run deep in gospel music.


    Candy is the daughter of Coleman Looper, one of the founding members of the original Looper Trio from the mid-60’s. In the early 70’s he formed Coleman Looper And the Way Travelers his own family group and was signed with Eddie Crooke Co. on Morning Star Label. During the late 70’s Coleman founded, organized and managed the popular Grand Ole Gospel Barn in Crossville, TN. With Marie, his wife and their six children they operated it for more than 20 years and this is where Candy (Candace) the youngest of the siblings would get her start in gospel music. “I can remember Her as early as two years old on stage singing”, states Marie Looper (Candy’s Mother). From birth Candy was raised on the road with her family. At age eleven Candy would begin her journey singing full time in the family group, Coleman Looper Family.

    Jeremy joined the Coleman Looper Family in the spring of 1997, and in the fall Jeremy and Candy were married. “From the moment I met Candy we were inseparable,” states Jeremy “because we both shared the same love for God and gospel music. Jeremy grew up around music and singing his entire life, his passion for playing music came at an early age by playing drums in his home church where his parents Terry and Kathie Bear pastored in Nashville, TN.

    Candy and Jeremy traveled across the country together with Candy’s father, Coleman and mother, Marie for more than twenty-three years. Making appearances at churches, camp meetings, concerts, festivals and tv programs such as: TBN Praise the Lord and many more. In the fall of 2018 this chapter of their life would come to a close when Coleman gave the news that he would retire after sixty-three years in the ministry.

    Now embarking on a brand-new journey Candy and Jeremy along with their two sons, Colter and Kayden, and band are determined to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through Word and song anywhere a door is open.


 After twelve years of marriage Candy and Jeremy would welcome their first-born son, Colter and three years following Kayden would enter the world. Colter now at the age eleven is learning to play multiple instruments and his passion has always been banjo, fiddle, and piano. Kayden now at the age eight also has the desire to play multiple instruments. He is currently learning to play bass on a custom miniature upright (cello). Kayden’s dream is to one day play the upright bass or as he calls it “that great big bass.” Colter and Kayden made their recording debut on Candy and Jeremy’s album WORTH THE JOURNEY with the old time standard, Working on A Building. These two steal the show every time they walk on stage.


                                            Candy and Jeremy’s acoustic sound is made up of a great band and group of guys who                                              love the Lord and make it all come together like a well oiled machine. Matt Vaughn                                                    from Monterey, TN is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He joined the band in                                                      2018. “Matt is truly God sent to the group” states Jeremy. “We have known him since                                                   he was a young boy, and we feel there is no one who can fit any better musically and                                                vocally with us.” Matt can be seen on stage playing Dobro, Mandolin and Fiddle as well                                              as singing lead and harmony vocals. The newest member of the band is Tyler                                                      Newberry of Vines Ridge, TN. Tyler is also a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who                                                   joined the band in the Summer of 2020. Tyler can be seen on stage playing Banjo and                                              Guitar.


                                             In February of 2019 the husband-and-wife duo were honored

                                             to work with their longtime friend, Producer Ben Isaacs, and

                                             Engineer Mark Capps on their debut album. “This project is

                                             full of great songs and wonderful performances of them."

                                             states Ben “It was an honor to be part of it.” Soon after Candy

and Jeremy were signed to MC1 Nashville’s Copper Lily Label and released their debut

single “WORTH THE JOURNEY.” The song was released during the National Quartet

Convention in September 2019. Jeremy penned the single WORTH THE JOURNEY,

“God gave me a message and out of the message He gave me a song.” States Jeremy,

“This song delivers a message that no matter what struggles life may bring our way,

Jesus reminds us to keep pressing forward because Heaven is WORTH THE JOURNEY.”

Following the National Quartet Convention, Candy and Jeremy performed six shows at

Dollywood’s Harvest Festival in Pigeon Forge, TN. Their acoustic mountain sound was

well received with standing room only during each show.  In March 2020 to their sur-

prise, Candy and Jeremy received the news that their debut single WORTH THE

JOURNEY had been placed on the DOVE Award ballot by the Gospel Music Association

for Bluegrass/Country/Roots Recorded Song of The Year.

    Their current single “*THIS VALLEY” was written by life-long friend, Darlene Fowler.

The single is receiving airplay across the Nation and currently #15 on Cross Country USA Hot 100 Chart. After surviving what has proven to be a truly trying year for so many, Candy and Jeremy are focusing on the blessings and opportunities God has given them. Like their current single states “This valley is dark and lonely, cold and deserted, but I won’t question if it’s the Fathers will for me. I have to overcome my sorrow. I can’t give up on my journey, someday I’m going to find the strength to walk right out of this valley.” Candy and Jeremy states “We believe it is time to be about our Fathers business. If you read the Word of God, you will see the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand.”

    If you enjoy spirit filled and heartfelt Bluegrass Gospel music, then you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see Candy and Jeremy in person. Whether it be in song or the preached Word this husband-and-wife duo have been called to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the hopeless and broken because they were once broken themselves.








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